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Do You Know? . . .  


Hypnosis  is



You can Readily tap into new perspectives, and develop positive, productive, healthy, harmonious lifestyle patterns of success with Hypnosis.


Hypnosis utilizes suggestions to match your learning style.


You will learn simple hypnotic techniques to activate your own inner resources for self-mastery.

First and Foremost –

Hypnosis Works . . .


You might have heard of someone who

has received positive, beneficial, and

successful results when using hypnosis.

Real-Life Success Stories


Hypnosis  is  



It takes only

21 - 28 days to change a habit,

a belief, or an attitude and generate new patterns of thinking, feeling and acting, with consistent repetition and hypnotic re-enforcement.


You can Quickly start to see and experience measurable results in

1 - 4 sessions and achieve most of your goals within 30 days, and accomplish multiple goals within

90 days.  


Hypnosis  is



You can Dramatically accelerate the effectiveness of your success in achieving your goals. It can have permanent and long-lasting results


Hypnosis is one of

the most powerful techniques utilized to set people free from the mental,

emotional, physical blocks holding them back from the

self-empowerment of living their best life.


All  Hypnosis  is  SELF-HYPNOSIS


Every person naturally and automatically enters a state of Hypnotic Awareness or Twilight Hypnosis at least twice each day... Just before falling asleep at night and upon awakening each morning.

You are in control of your own thoughts. Most people are already prepared for hypnosis through his/her own natural Hypnotic Awareness experiences.


Hypnosis  is



There is nothing scary about relaxing your body, quieting your busy mind, and focusing your energy on your goals.


You will have a safe, Pleasant Feeling as you rehearse personal strategies of success within your own powerful mind.


Natural and drug-free, Hypnosis is a combination of all these things.

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Unleash the Power of Hypnosis Now...


Make Hypnosis your choice...

because You deserve to be happy!



Activate the Five Powers of your Mind with Hypnosis...


Self-Hypnosis begins as you focus your attention from actual events to private thought... you enter into Hypnotic Awareness.


Whenever you focus attention from outer awareness to inner awareness, you enter the Five Secret Powers of your Mind. Learn more

Perhaps you are considering the benefits of hypnosis to reach a personal goal, yet previously you became skeptical when considering a new approach to an old challenge after trying different ways to get the results you want. Disappointed and frustrated with the past, you might be thinking,


"I have tried everything, can hypnosis really help me?"


"Despite my skepticism, I found that hypnosis really works!"

--Serge. B., Computer Analyst


The  Answer  Is...    A  Resounding  “YES!”  













WHEN TO USE the Power of Hypnosis...

As a Certified NLP Hypnotherapist and Life Coach,

many of my clients are people going through

life changes, choices, and challenges,

who are using the Power of Hypnosis to

activate the power within their own mind

to conquer their challenges when nothing else worked,

to accomplish the goals of a lifetime.



HOW TO USE the Power of Hypnosis...

With Hypnosis... You will learn “How-to Use the Five Powers of your own Mind” to realize any dream.


The  FIVE  TOP  RESULTS  Using  Hypnosis...




        Overwhelmed -to- Overjoyed!       


            “The problems we face today

             can not be solved on the same

             level of thinking we were at

             when we created them.”  

                  –Albert Einstein