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  A Personal Note from Patricia...


As seasons change, so does your life. We remember how the world changed on September 11, 2001, and again with Hurricane Katrina, then again with massive wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and most recently Hurricane Irene. And it will change again tomorrow, next week, or next year because change is inevitable. We face changes every day from natural changes related to personal growth, health and aging, to our environment, our jobs, our relationships, and seeking or achieving our dreams and goals.


When everything around you is changing, how you respond to that change determines the level of your wellness, happiness and success.


As you read this column, think about... “What has changed in your life and how has it changed you?”


Evolutionary Journeys,



Patricia M. Armour

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  Featured Article:

Change Your Goals – Change Your Yourself – Change Your Life


Since change is never-ending, accepting that life is change is an important

step toward self-awareness, empowerment, and fulfillment. This quote by

Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive,

rather those who respond effectively to change,” reminds me that our

thoughts, relationships, and actions influence our survival, well-being,

happiness, and success.

Three Steps for Responding to Change:

  1. How you think about the changes in your life.
  2. How you treat yourself and other people.
  3. The kind of choices you make and the actions you take when change happens in your life.


Ask yourself: Do your thoughts, relationships and actions create what you want in your life?

As a result of pinnacle moments of change, have you experienced an “Ah-Ha” moment of enlightenment or personal transformation?


Crossroads of Change

Pivotal life changes are the crossroads in your life that reveal the courage and choices you make that will either restrict the soul-essence of who you are, or it will empower you. These are powerful life-changing moments of truth because they give you the opportunity to renew your core values and inner strengths of your true self. Don’t let change stop you from succeeding, instead let change propel you to believing in something more. Remember, you are standing at a pivotal place in your life, an intersecting crossroads of change leading you toward different directions of potential, prosperity, and possibility.


Change Your Thoughts  

Change is painful and difficult when you focus on changing what you do, however change is exciting and comforting when you simply change how you think. The three paths to possibility thinking are:

1) Being happy today, 2) Live in abundance, 3) Stretch for tomorrow.


The biggest roadblock to your future success and happiness are the thoughts you are unwilling to change because your thoughts determine the possibilities you see, the options you consider, and the choices you make. Victim thinking is someone who remains stuck in thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs rooted in the past. By changing your thoughts, you can leave the past behind and create the capacity for new ideas and beliefs that work for you. You can experience happiness right now, today because your power exists in the flow of today’s moments. Your Breakthrough Goal to “Minding Your Spirit” is to stay centered and focused on happiness.


1.  Success versus Happiness

Success is achieving or obtaining what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have. It is possible to be successful and unhappy at the same time because you could achieve the things you want (success), but those things may not be what you thought they would be, or may not be enough and you want more (unhappiness). Happiness does not mean everything is perfect; it means that you choose to be happy with what is.       A “Minding Your Spirit” Secret is that “Happiness always precedes success.”


Being happy today integrates a powerful soul-centered focus to regain happiness even when changes are not what you want. Make a conscious effort to change self-sabotaging attitudes and beliefs, let of go judgments of good and bad, and despite fears, failures, or disappointments; you must choose happiness as the only focus in moving toward your goals.


2. Attitude of Abundance

Abundance is a belief that there is plenty in the world for everyone. When you have an attitude of abundance, you are not envious of the things you want or the people who have them because you are truly grateful for what you do have. With an attitude of abundance, you will attract and manifest more love, more resources, more time, and more opportunity for you and others. When you live in abundance, you realize that you are not alone because people are there to help each other reach goals, so you learn to trust. You will begin see the world as giving because you discovered the “Minding Your Spirit” Secret of enjoying and sharing the bountiful treasures of the world is abundance thinking.


Your Breakthrough Goal to “Minding Your Spirit” is to maintain an attitude of abundance as a practical life strategy. This creates awesome results of having everything you imagine as possible by... drawing new opportunities, resources, and people to you. This instantaneously and intuitively encourages you to live your life with an abundance of compassion, respect, teamwork, patience, harmony, confidence, agreement, appreciation, imagination, prosperity, and goal accomplishment.


3.  Stretch Your Potential

This quote by Pablo Picasso, “I always undertake that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it,” encourages you to reach beyond your current situation and immediate grasp to seek the greatness within your soul-centered self. No matter where you are in any job, relationship, or situation, personal growth requires you to risk change in reaching the next level to achieve all that is possible in your life.


When change happens in our world and the people in it change, we tend to withdraw into our comfort zone, which produces little lasting happiness and no real success. To realize higher levels of success and happiness, it is essential to stretch yourself today for what you want tomorrow because this creates joy and increases self-esteem.


Your Breakthrough Goal to “Minding Your Spirit” involves four steps to stretch yourself:

  1. Acknowledge what you do not know and be willing to learn.
  2. Choose to risk something you have never done before now.
  3. Take action now to learn something new.
  4. Persevere through mistakes with patience and consistency.


Avoid the trap of “Someday I will…” by stretching toward your dreams and goals today and you will escape boredom and apathy. It would be wonderful if just wishing for it made things happen, but wishing is not enough; stretching is required to achieve your goals, and transform your life. Just like the determined larvae struggling in their cocoons to become beautiful butterflies, they must stretch their wings to become strong enough to fly. Like butterflies, you grow through personal struggles and your willingness to take risks by changing yourself. A “Minding Your Spirit” Secret to achieving a goal is that “You cannot become what you want by staying like you are.”  


When you conquer self-doubt and fear, real or imagined, by stretching your skills, knowledge, passion, and wisdom, you can achieve the highest levels of career success and personal happiness. You are “Minding Your Spirit” when you stretch yourself to reach your potential, and put yourself in situations where the outcome you want is possible; thus you transform the future of your life. Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Now stretch yourself each day to do something that scares you and surprises others, to transcend limitations and achieve your biggest goals.


Change Your Relationships

The quality of your relationships adds to your success and happiness, therefore it is worthwhile to improve them. Your most significant contribution to your personal and professional relationships is not what you say and do, but it is who you are and the values you live by and demonstrate in your relationships. Stop struggling alone; it is so much easier to achieve success when we work together and help each other. Independence is not always best because the most effective relationships in changing your life and changing the world are interdependent, which involves giving and receiving, trust and harmony, mutual success and happiness. When you are open-minded, open-hearted, this allows you to develop the trust and confidence you need to achieve the goals and will bring you lasting happiness. This also opens the door for others to accept and respect your goals and dreams.


Goals for Change

Change Your Choices to Change Your Habits. Just like the startled deer that looks up and freezes in the headlights of the car driving through the forest, we often freeze in indecision when we see the headlights of a sudden, unexpected, or major change in our lives. Indecision causes you to resist doing what needs to be done and taking the right actions to achieve your goals. Frustration and inaction grows when you repeatedly over-analyze the possibilities, the problem, or the opportunity, waiting for someone or something else to make the decision that will solve everything for you. When you have analysis-paralysis, it causes you to forget your goals and dreams and lose your power. Where you are at any given moment in your life is less important than the goals you set for your future, the choices you make and the actions you take to achieve those goals. A “Minding Your Spirit” Secret is “Your goals and dreams are a vision of what is possible, the future of your destiny – Your thoughts and words give birth to your goals and dreams – Your actions breathe life into them.”


Powerful Actions

Your life will be hectic and chaotic when your actions are compulsive and repetitious, instead of doing actions that are in alignment with and support a clear goal and plan to reach it. No matter how busy your life is (working harder, faster, longer), if you are not on the highway to your goals and dreams, every mile you travel will take your further away from them. Amidst the stressors of life, your goals will determine what needs to be done. What actions you can take toward greater success in achieving your goals? You are “Minding Your Spirit” when you reclaim your personal power by exercising personal responsibility, discover the dreams that would bring you happiness, then make clear choices, share your goals and dreams with others to connect a universe of positive, like-minded people.


A “Minding Your Spirit” Secret to succeeding at achieving your goals and dreams is “When you think you can, you are usually right; when you think you can’t you are always right.” Know that quitting is not an option. Proactive people are committed to completing their goals. Like Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, people who are committed to their goals will make as many actions and attempts toward success as necessary, regardless of the setbacks, challenges, or uncontrolled changes life throws at you. Happiness and success are created by your attitudes, choices, and actions.


Change Your Goals

No matter what has happened, you can transform your life by choosing goals toward soul-satisfaction that are life-affirming. It’s not too late to live a life of joy and peace. First, let go of the old goals attached to your past, and create new goals that bring greater meaning to your life. Empowering goals are more than a quick fix to a problem; they instill a lasting vision that will shape your destiny. Pursue goals that are interesting, inspiring, and enjoyable because they will best reflect your own nature, core values, and personality. A “Minding Your Spirit” Secret is that when change happens, change your goals! The more motivated you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Consider the value your goals bring to you, their meaning and benefit to you. Use a lot of positive self-talk and thinking when setting your goals because believing in your ability to succeed is very helpful for creating and sustaining your motivation. Goals worth achieving will require belief, time, planning, effort, and persistence.


Transform Your Life Now

If you want to have something better in life, do something better. Success and happiness is yours when you change your goals, change yourself, and change your life. In this season of change, you can reclaim your power and experience a renewed peak moment of personal transformation; simply seize the moment with life-enhancing goals. Instead of the world changing you – You can change the world!




Patricia M. Armour


Publisher: Minding Your Spirit

124 Kettle Ct.

Windsor Mills, Maryland 21244


  IQ: Inspirational Quotes...

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive, rather those who respond effectively to change.”

– Charles Darwin


“I always undertake that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

– Pablo Picasso


“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller


“Seasons of Change”

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