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For Local Clients: Our Owings Mills office is convenient to the Metropolitan Baltimore / Washington D.C. Corridor and Surrounding Areas of Maryland: Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, Harford County. Baltimore City, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Jessup, Columbia, Ellicott City, Frederick, Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Towson, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Mt. Washington, Pikesville, Randallstown, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Parkville, Westminster, White Marsh

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A  Very  Practical  and  Profitable  Holistic  Profession

Do you currently work with clients who are struggling to make lasting changes in their lives?

Do you want to help people move out of their own way, overcome their past, achieve their goals?

Do you want the help people become their personal best, and create the life they want to experience?

This is Your Opportunity to Make a Life-Changing Difference . . .

in Many People’s Lives and Your Own Life

. . . By Becoming a Certified Professional Hypnotist

Are you a coach, educator, therapist or psychologist . . .

Who would like to add depth and expertise to your practice by offering relaxation, motivation, and

self-management techniques in trauma, pain, stress relief – as an alternative to pain pills and

anti-anxiety medications – and other highly effective procedures that accelerate results and greater success with your clients?

Who wants to learn the newest skills and powerful, long-lasting techniques to help others overcome unconscious fears, beliefs, and barriers that prohibit people from making desirable and sustainable changes in personal development and self-improvement in focus, peak performance, communication, self-management, well-being, and to living their ideal or best life?

Are you a medical and/or holistic practitioner . . .

Are you someone who is curious about life, relationships and human behavior,

how the mind works or why people do the things they do?

If you said “Yes” to one or more of these questions . . .

I invite you to take the next step today

. . . Start adding powerful Hypnosis techniques to your toolbox!

Do you want to truly become self-sufficient and self-empowered as your own boss with flexible hours, having a profitable business and rewarding lifestyle helping others in a new, powerful, and effective way while you enjoy a self-satisfying career? Do you aspire to contribute as a positive role-model in a meaningful way to the best interests of humanity?  

Do you want to Expand Your Career Horizons . . .

. . . and Increase Your Monetary Power?

With the ordinary person becoming more mind/body aware  . . .

The need for Hypnotists increases every year  

. . . Training in hypnosis will change your life in dynamic and beneficial ways!

Three  Months  –      Three  Levels  of  Training      –  One  Professional  Course

We have trained: coaches, teachers, therapists, psychologists, social workers, scientists, sales people, real estate, business executives, entrepreneurs, numerous other professional and practitioners

to utilize powerful hypnotherapy techniques in how they serve their patients and clients to elicit

goal-oriented success.  

Learn  from  the  Experts . . .    

University - Hospital - Corporate  Sponsored  •  Internationally  Recognized  Training

University - Hospital - Corporate  Sponsored

Internationally  Recognized  Training

Caregivers - Executives - Professionals

Our  Corporate  Clients

Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

Our Accelerated Program Format will enable you to complete your training and certification process in three to four months. This is an interactive program as our professional training emphasizes an educational and experiential strategy for success presented exclusively in a seminar format as Week-end Intensives, with in-depth instruction, mentored observation, and practice rehearsals within a comfortable, safe, supportive environment with your Master Trainer.

Extra  Bonus  and  Benefits – What  Sets  Us  Ahead  in  the  Hypnosis  Field . . .

MentorHypnosis™ has designed a 3-Month Progressive Certification Program for anyone interested in becoming a professional hypnotist. We offer one of the most expansive training programs in the country that will dramatically enhance the quality of your life. This highly specialized, innovative training is sophisticated, experiential, comnprehensive, and masterful.


You  will   Learn . . .

Most traditional hypnosis programs teach just the basics with minimum practice, if any...

Other programs introduce techniques that offer only a limited level of professional competency

and opportunity to succeed – because they do not offer you the degree of hands-on practice

and master’s tips that will give you the skills and confidence to develop a thriving hypnosis business.


Why Do People Choose the Mentor-Hypnosis™  150-Hour Certification Course

Instead of  -  a two-day class  -or-  a 350-hour class  -or-  a year-long program?


“We offer you “Timely and Quality” professional training for your success!”


We teach you much more – basic, advanced, master level techniques and strategies...

This Premium Training Program will “COACH YOU” in some of the greatest techniques,

styles, processes and methods used in the field. Additionally, we cover twelve of the

most therapeutic hypnotic techniques, and effective styles of hypnosis:


• Self-Hypnosis • Classic • Conversational • Electronic • NLP Programming

• Hypno-Cognitive Coach • Hypno-Analysis • Medical • Cognitive-Behavioral

• Transpersonal • Post-Hypnotic • Remote

This Innovative Program is designed to give you, the participant, more than just a working understanding of hypnotism. This comprehensive training is informative, creative, and practical, complete with Three Distinct Focal Points:


  1. Time-honored traditional techniques
  2. Latest up-to-date cutting-edge procedures
  3. State-of-the-art mentoring

The Hypnotic Techniques We Teach You in Our Premium Training automatically expands your knowledge,

alters your perceptions, stirs your imagination, refines your skills, and strengthens your professional expertise and personal

skills as a foundation for your own growth and mastery for self-empowerment, career satisfaction and self-achievement.

This  Progressive  Certification  Program  . . .

Absolutely Can Elevate You . . . to New Heights of Abundance, Happiness, and Success!

This is a three-month accelerated program format that includes 150 hours of: lecture, class discussion, live demonstrations, real practice supervised, independent student study, and professional mentor internship with your Master Trainer, Dr. Patricia M. Armour, that covers five phases of learning:

Receptivity – Understanding – Integration – Application – Re-enforcement

With our detailed “step-by-step” procedures and “how-to-do-it” exercises, you will master your ability to instantly enter into a state of self-hypnosis. You will be trained to actually produce hypnotic states of mind with other classmates, then you will be coached to skillfully perfect your hypnotherapy strategies for more effective and successful results with clients.

To get started... Simply call Dr. Patricia M. Armour to enroll in our Certified Hypnotist Training Program. Your “Hypnotist Tool Kit” contains all of the preparatory materials required for the coursework (valued at $275). Class size is limited. Early registration is recommended so you can guarantee your admission to our next training group and start learning all about hypnosis.

WINTER SESSION  2011/2012 - “WEEK-END SCHEDULE”  Register for Training

This exciting, entertaining, and experiential training of complex topics with role-playing practice of hypnotic techniques allows you to become comfortable performing your new skills and gain confidence in

your ability to help people have a personal breakthrough, make lasting changes, and achieve goal success.

Additionaly, this 150-hour training course prepares and qualifies you to be certified by one of the most prestigious global associations in the field, and take the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) certification exam  leading to graduation as a NGH Certified Hypnotist. Graduates of this professional training program will receive a one-year

pre-paid membership to the National Guild of Hypnotists, which includes your name embossed on an NGH membership identification card, quarterly receipt of The Journal of Hypnotism and the NGH HYPNO-GRAM newsletter, many other resources. Learn more

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, You can help others to... develop a healthy state of mind, improve their physical health and appearance, create their emotional well-being, develop their creative expression and enhance their performance skills. You can support them to... eliminate all of their insecurities, overcome fears, unwanted habits, addictions, destructive energies and negative thoughts.You can use your expertise with others to... build their self-confidence, increase their memory, create career success, improve communication skills, heighten their focus and alertness, and strengthen their personal charisma.


The  Possibilities  with  Hypnotherapy  are  Extraordinary!

You will increase your self-confidence, skilled performance, and professional potential because you can easily utilize these powerful hypnotherapy techniques to compliment your current vocation, or embark on an exciting new career.


This innovative course is very effective in advancing careers in healthcare, mental health, and complementary disciplines: medicine, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, addiction counseling, social work, acupuncture, reiki, and other energy modalities, as well as business careers in sales, public speaking, teaching, sports performance coaching, and personal life coaching.

All students who successfully complete this training course: You must attend all class hours plus hands-on practice and independent study, a total of 150 hours in six week-ends (12  days); you will be eligible and prepared to take the examination that will lead you to be qualified as a Certified Hypnotist by the Foundation of Alternative Caregivers, Educators, Therapists, and Specialists (F.A.C.E.T.S. AMERICA), an organization that endorses professional holistic certifications in the field of human development. Learn more

This  is  Your  Opportunity  to . . .


Create  a  Rewarding  Career  in  Hypnosis  . . .


Live  More  Satisfyingly,  Independently,  and  Abundantly Now!


     Call  Today  to  Register  for  Training . . .    1 - (410) - 356 - 3377

Do you want your name on the office door?

When you develop these professional skills, you can easily create another revenue stream with a high

financial reward and bright future. This rewarding certification program enables graduates to immediately become a practicing Hypnotist in the “bread and butter” of traditional hypnosis practices

– weight control, smoking cessation, stress management, and a multitude of practical applications of Hypnosis – for individuals and groups... A very practical and profitable profession. Register for Training

Mentor Hypnosis™ proudly offers this internationally recognized training as a 3-month Progressive Certification Program that combines hypnosis with other leading self-development technologies and utilizes strategies that nobody else knows or wants to share with you – Secrets that only the masters know!


In addition, this innovative training gives you creative ideas for applying various techniques:

Beyond the fact that we cover an immense amount of information, our innovative program gives you higher levels of core competencies in the field of hypnotism by combining “multiple technologies” to create amazing effects that even most professional hypnotists can’t reproduce.


We give you manuals, CD’s, hypnotic scripts with doable suggestions, inductions, and subconscious exercises that truly work, as a professional’s practical resource guide that will make it easier for you to succeed. “THE TECHNIQUES THAT REALLY WORK!”

This training program gives you the time, space, guidance, and practical experience to enable you to quickly and comfortably integrate these valuable techniques with your clients.


We give you extensive opportunity to practice your new skills and to actually do

step-by-step incremental exercises to apply your new learning, that will give you real confidence to proudly open your own business and build a thriving practice in the field.

As an Extra Bonus, we tell you the latest trends in the field, and we give you business success strategies. We give you “Secret Insider” Tips and Tools that are relevant in the multi-media world of communications today on how-to market, establish, and build a successful business.


Your Master Trainer, Dr. Patricia M. Armour, has worked in the self-development community now for over 30 years. Not only has she been taught by and she is colleagues with some of the best leaders in the industry, she has owned a successful wellness center and

profitable hypnosis business for over twenty years.

How Do You Get Started ? . . .  









Enroll  Today  to  Receive  Your  “NGH  Hypnotist  Tool  Kit” . . .

You will be meeting with your Master Trainer and Mentor, Dr. Patricia M. Armour, and a

group of like-minded students, at six week-end intensives for three months.

Our Next Group begins in JANUARY 2012. See Course Schedule




Practical  and  Profitable  Profession . . .

Empowerment – Happiness –  Success . . .  

Abundant  Opportunities  Are Here . . .

Extras  Tools  You  Will  Receive  Upon  Graduation  and  Certification . . .

    Opportunities for part time and full time careers in

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are plentiful and expanding!

Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

Master the powerful new skills that you can and you will use your whole life long to improve the quality of

your life or to practice worldwide! Everyone that successfully completes this Premium Training Program provided to you by Mentor Hypnosis™ walks away with either an exciting new career – or –

the most powerful self-development tool that you are ever likely to discover! Learn more  


You   will  automatically  exude  Confidence  and  Charisma!

entor Hypnosis™ – Classic  Training  with  Contemporary  Style!

Imagine  How  Satisfying  and  Rewarding  This  Will  Be  for You  . . .

Once exposed to your newfound skills and expertise, your clients will view you as an invaluable resource to overcoming their challenges, developing life-affirming healthy habits, and creating the ability to live their best life.