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The  Three  Easy  Self-Help  Steps  

to  Self-Assured  Success:


From thirty years of research and practical experience, this innovative procedure

was developed with three easy, yet effective self-help steps synchronized to

access, activate, and accelerate the power of whole brain awareness:


Conscious • Sub-Conscious • Super-Conscious Minds


To enrich the Quality of your happiness for self-Fulfillment,

enliven the Vitality of your body-mind-spirit for self-Healing and wellness,

and enhance the Quantity of your successes for your highest Potential.


#1–Intention – Laser beam focus on your unique goals

#2–Insight – Develop knowledge, emotions, skills that will build momentum   

#3–Integration – Apply personalized strategies to your daily lifestyle

                                for ultimate success.

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Management • Motivation • Illumination • Empowerment  • Fulfillment

Enter  the  SPA  of  Your  Infinite  MIND


It  is  a  Personal  Journey  of  Thought...


Not only is it ethereal, it is also tangible...

Because this your personal journey of thought for SELF-FULFILLMENT...


It is your mind’s eye (the part of you that you call me, myself, and I)

in mindful awareness connecting with your authentic self that evolves

into personal transformation through our powerful Mindful Hypnotics technique.


Three  Schools  of  Thought


#1–Discover the Natural Laws of Human Behavior...

“Why people do what they do?”

Discover the manifesting principles for HAPPINESS.


#2–Embrace the Great Laws of Human Potential...

“How the mind works?”

Embrace the belief systems that motivate people in SUCCESS.


#3–Align the Universal Laws of Living Your Best Life...

“What the world knows?”

Align global wisdom, traditions, energy systems for WELLNESS.

Your  Personal  Transformation...  

Activate  Five  Great  Powers  of  the  Mind

With this practical lifestyle system, you will learn how to use the secret powers of your own mind to conquer any fear, master any skill, heal any condition, improve any situation, accomplish any goal, and realize any dream.


Dr. Patricia M. Armour developed the Mentor Hypnosis™ System to

Activate the FIVE  GREAT  POWERS  of  the  MiIND that can and will

Change the direction and destiny of your life.

Breath of Wellness,

Light of Wisdom,  

Aura of Happiness,  

and  Pulse of Success...  

    Beats Within Every Heart !

You have just begun a powerful new pathway

toward improving the quality of your life,

renewing your health, achieving your goals,

and moving beyond your present dreams

to believing in a better life

and becoming your best self

with our CUSTOMIZED  SESSIONS for you.

to  the  Stars  and  beyond... 
          or  the  Mind  and  within?
of  Your
Infinite  MIND
m I nd’s  eye

    D iscover

    E mbrace

    A lign

What  is  the  Mentor Hypnosis™  System...

It  All  Begins  in  Your  Mind...  

It  is  your  gateway  to  wisdom  and  awareness   within   Mindful   Hypnotics

One  Breakthrough  Technique  that  uses  the  combined  Triple  Power  of...  

    (1)  Positive  Psychology  •   (2)  Subconscious  Communication  •   (3)  Synergistic  Philosophy

Achievement – Excellence – Transformation...


This is a uniquely different experience for any two people because the

Spa of your Infinite Mind is created by your own consciousness.


When you enter the Spa of your Infinite Mind, you engage in

Self-Induced and Self-Directed Exercises of Awareness

to access the five natural states within your own mind



  1. Mind Focus
  2. Mind Expansion
  3. Mind Fitness
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Peace of Mind


All through our powerful Mindful Hypnotics technique.

The  Triple  Power  of  Thought  in  I-D-E-A...


When you access your mind’s eye “I” and Discover, Embrace, and Align

#1  your Thoughts – #2  your Feelings – #3  your Behaviors,


You will experience the world with a powerful new perspective

of your personal life...


#1 Philosophy (Beliefs) • #2 Patterns (Habits)#3 Purpose (Desires)



Simply by changing, expanding, and strengthening your brilliant mind

through our powerful Mindful Hypnotics technique.

What  is  our  Mindful  Hypnotics     Technique...

The  Next  Great  Breakthrough  in  the  World  of  Self-Help  for  Personal  Development

Our Mindful Hypnotics™ Technique enables you to change your mind, heal your body, sharpen your skills,

follow your heart, improve your life, experience self-accomplishment, and realize your dreams.


Our Mindful Hypnotics™ Technique incorporates the three most important self-help steps that allow you

to use the full power of your own mind in a relaxed manner to access your memories, envision your future,

and expand your thoughts to achieve your life goals for wellness, happiness, and success.




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“Now  is  Your  Breakthrough  Moment  to  Wellness,  Happiness  and  Success!”

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Dr. Patricia M. Armour has developed a profoundly powerful system that synthesizes

Three Schools of Thought for Greater Success into a world of vibrant awareness

for lasting change that dramatically accelerates the effectiveness and abundance of

personal Achievement, Excellence, and Transformation.



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