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Create a better quality of life, love, prosperity, self-fulfillment, life purpose,

wisdom, and well-being when you Enter the Spa of Your Infinite Mind...






      The thoughts, beliefs, choices, and actions you do now will shape your future.

      When you use these Mindful Hypnotic Coaching Techniques to focus,

      balance, and align the Five Great Powers of Your Mind – You can achieve

      profound, positive changes, make your dreams a reality, and control your destiny.

     Activate the Power of Hypnosis!

       Feel Amazing about Yourself!


"The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be,  

for all practical purposes, Infinite."

               —Michael Hutchison, Author Mega Brain Power

“What we are today comes from

our thoughts

of yesterday

and our

present thoughts build our life

of tomorrow ...

Our life is

the creation

of our Mind.”

– Sidhartha Buddha


1. Conquer any fear


2. Master your skills


3. Heal mind/body conditions


4. Improve any life situation


5. Accomplish your goals

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This is an exclusive Mind Mastery System that integrates Three Dimensions of Emotional and Lifestyle Change...


(1) Envision  •  (2) Enlighten  •  (3) Empower


Attain self-fulfillment, goal success, and personal transformation

by applying Self-Liberating Thoughts

from personal Inter-Connected Experiences

through Holistic, Hypnotic and Cognitive Exercises:


    This is accomplished in Three Life-Changing Mind-Sets:


The Three useful and uplifting Self-Help Steps that you can apply to your everyday life for

optimal performance with any given endeavor – personal, professional, social, and spiritual.


#1–The Focus in Self-Hypnosis to initiate relaxation and self-confidence

      to support your core intention for manifesting goals


#2–The Healing Vibration in NLP with EFT - match neuro-linguistics,

       emotions to stimulate the human energy system to release stress and negativity   


#3–The Strategic Momentum in Hypno-Cognitive™ Coaching exercises to

       reveal and unite your internal wisdom with the Manifesting Laws of Attraction


Mindful  Hypnotics      Opens  the  Door  to  a  Bright  and  Happy  Future...

The synchronized combination of these new advanced techniques of Mindful Hypnotics utilizes

100% of your mind via multiple levels of awareness.


You can achieve your desired goal typically within 1 - to - 4 sessions, all completed in less than 30 days!

Your individual program is purposeful, practical and profound because it is Custom-Designed to match your personality,

coping skills, and goals. You can even accomplish multiple goals within 90 days!






How  You  will  experience  the  Most  Powerful  Life-Changing  Mind-Sets  for  Success...




Self-Hypnosis... Relaxation – Subconscious Suggestion



It is the oldest, most natural state of being to create self-improvement—well-being—personal change in your thoughts—feelings—attitude—behavior. This powerfully effective model of total mind/body sensory communication with positive suggestion allows the conscious and unconscious mind to believe the same messages to function together in balanced and harmonious patterns of thought for goal manifestation.  


Laser Beam Focus: Hypnotic focus is a natural state of heightened awareness where you easily accept

suggestions, listen to inner wisdom, and replace limiting thought patterns with more beneficial ones.

This heightened learning capacity of the mind utilizes self-empowering thoughts that match your learning style with core intention for success.


Relaxation: Hypnosis relaxes the parts of the mind and body that cause anxiety, pain, and stress. During hypnosis, your body is relaxed, yet your mind is focused on a specific outcome. This natural step-by-step process uses meditative relaxation techniques that include slow, deep breathing, guided imagery, and

subliminal suggestion.  


Self-Confidence: Hypnosis encourages confident, focused, motivation because it draws upon your own inner resources and determination to achieve your goals, create positive lifestyle change, and improved quality of life. You can reach specific goals in all areas of life because hypnosis reinforces natural talents and positive expectation for achievement.











NLP–NeuroLinguistics with EFT–Emotional Freedom Technique...



Energy is the life force of the universe, the electromagnetic field that is the vitality in creation. Based on

classic Chinese mind/body/soul healing energy, combined with contemporary Western transformational

power of belief/intention/affirmation, there is a powerful mind/body healing response created by the

synergy of spoken words and physical tapping. An amazingly simple technique with phenomenal healing

results that stimulate cellular healing/rejuvenation and open the gateways of human consciousness for the complete transformation of your life condition.  


NLP or Neuro-Linguistics: The latest scientific discovery in psychology, are verbal suggestions as embedded paradigm shifts in consciousness that optimize your belief systems for progress, peak

performance, purposefulness, and peace of mind with effortless effectiveness for dramatically faster results

in self-satisfying goal success. Your subconscious senses instantaneously respond to specific language

patterns of integrated focus (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) through this mind/body technique that helps

you convincingly communicate with your inner mind to quickly make the changes that you desire to

achieve your goals.


EFT or “Emotional Freedom Technique and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha’s “soul rejuvenation technique” are two revolutionary gentle self-tapping techniques on specific parts of the body and the acupressure points within the human energy system for deeper dimensions in transformative healing. You simultaneously transmit brain signals strengthening the free flow of “chi” (energy) and your life force (soul power) via the language of intention to create an increased flow of healing energy that removes self-imposed blocks and karmic blocks to achieve physical, relationship, and financial success.









Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™... Positive Psychology–Core Values–Cycles of Awareness



Beyond personal coaching and classic hypnosis, Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™ is a powerfully proactive

format that adds an extra turbo-charged advantage by helping you tap into the power of your mind to

achieve your goals and dreams and become your personal best. Any emotional attitudes, beliefs, behaviors,

thoughts, and fears that may have been an obstacle to your success in the past are now easily released

with the dynamic method of Hypno-Cognitive Coaching.™


This is a customized coaching technique for clarity, vision, and purpose in setting meaningful goals, making

life choices, and creating self-empowering patterns of action for greater enjoyment and self-accomplishment.

This will give you a genuine sense of passion, purpose, and possibility. Three Essential Keys: You will

dramatically Accelerate the degree and the effectiveness your success... Change your behavior patterns for

success... Access 100% of your mind (conscious, subconscious, superconscious) for lasting success.


Positive Psychology: This powerful proactive step incorporates “Positive Psychology” coaching techniques

that result in emotional breakthroughs to accelerate your success through creative strategies, cognitive skills, mindfulness exercises.

A model of Three Points of Focus:   ABC’s of Healthy-Happy-Successful People:  

1) Self-Motivation = Attitude and Appreciation,

2) Self-Management = Behavior and Beliefs,

3) Self-Mastery = Core Values and Creative Strategies.


This coaching style is a Core Value-based approach that builds momentum with a laser focus of self-discovery

which reveals what is most important to you by establishing the compelling driving force that inspires,

motivates and propels you to optimize your potential at any stage of life, toward enlightened personal transformation, and what will make your life most fulfilling.   


Cycles of Awareness: Every year you re-experience and re-evaluate your life at various levels of personal

growth and understanding through Three Cycles of Purpose and Perspective:

1) Coming of Age for Self-Awareness in life-enhancing decision making,

2) Rites of Passage for Self-Achievement in life lessons, and

3) Age of Wisdom for Self-Appreciation in personal development.


Each cycle of experience gives you insightful support with the opportunity to change, challenge, or create a

better quality of life by fine-tuning your self-image and self-directed choices. This allows you to discover your

best and right timing! By knowing when and how to be at the right place, at the right time, and connect with

the right people, you can immediately engage in the right strategies to make your personal dreams come true.


Your Signature Strengths: You will learn when and how to use your key strengths to resolve internal

conflicts and roadblocks. Your key strengths give you focused momentum to maximize your potential in any area

of life and at all stages of life. This is an empowering strategy that propels you to take real and right action

toward self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction... and live your authentic self for happiness in life, relationships, and business success.  






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