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We are in Partnership... We are focusing together on the same goal –

your goal success! Hypnosis is not just a daydream, some kind of

meditation, sleep, relaxation, or psychotherapy. However, during your

one-to-one customized session with Dr. Patricia M. Armour, your professional hypnotherapist, she will guide you, the hypnosis client, in

proven safe, effective relaxation techniques, specific verbal

suggestions, and powerful guided imagery. It is easier for you to

access, quickly absorb, and respond to all helpful information and success-oriented suggestions within a relaxed state of deep focus.

Role of the Hypnotherapist...

Your professional hypnotherapist guides you into a natural mental state of private hypnotic thought, referred to as an altered state of consciousness. This allows you to focus on specific outcomes, just like when you were in “the zone,” intensely focused on television, reading, or driving, or a project. The hypnotherapist gives you useful instructions and beneficial suggestions for your consideration, in agreement with your beliefs and goals. Your hypnotherapist helps you access, connect, and synchronize all parts of the mind with positive, powerful emotions that remove inner conflicts and hidden blocks. This taps into your ability to achieve positive change, and lasting success.


Role of the Hypnosis Client...

This is a uniquely different experience for any two people because the spa of your infinite mind is created by your own consciousness. Hypnosis is not an all-or-nothing phenomenon, but rather a continuum. The depth and intensity of hypnosis varies with each person. Any level of hypnosis, light - medium - deep is sufficient to achieve goals. The depth of hypnosis is determined by the client’s co-oporation, ability to relax, focus, and be open without analyzing or judging,  and willingness to accept and follow suggestion, then letting things happen rather than making them happen. With mental rehearsal and repetition, your hypnosis session becomes a beneficial experience and powerful self-help tool toward achieving any realistic goal.

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For more information and to schedule an appointment: Call 410 - 356 - 3377  -or-  email mentorhypnosis@gmail.com

Dr. Patricia M. Armour, Mind Spa Wellness Institute, 10806 Reisterstown Rd, Suite 2A, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117


For Local Clients: Our Owings Mills office is convenient to the Metropolitan Baltimore / Washington D.C. Corridor and Surrounding Areas of Maryland: Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, Harford County. Baltimore City, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Jessup, Columbia, Ellicott City, Frederick, Catonsville, Glen Burnie, Towson, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Mt. Washington, Pikesville, Randallstown, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Parkville, Westminster, White Marsh

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Your  One-to-One  Customized  Sessions...  

Designed to match your personality, coping skills, and goals. It blends Hypnotherapy techniques with Dynamic Coaching Strategies to access and super-charge the power of your subconscious mind in a safe, relaxed manner of mental focus, guided imagery, and verbal suggestions that allow you to achieve more than you ever thought possible...

Easily,  Quickly,  Effectively,  and  Naturally!”  

Flexible  Office  Hours...

Individual Appointment Times: Monday through Friday, Starting at 10:00 AM.

  The last client is taken at 7:00 PM.


Week-End Office Hours: Special guest events, group training seminars, workshops, and professional hypnosis and coaching certification programs are on Saturdays and Sundays.

Length  of  Sessions...  

You will need to allow 1 ½ to 2 hours for your first session, and allow approximately one hour for all other sessions.  

Central  Office  Location...    “Circle  of  Convenience”

For Local Clients: Our Owings Mills office is conveniently located on Reisterstown Road, off the I-695 Baltimore Beltway. Because of our central location in the metropolitan area, from your neighborhood to our office – Travel time typically takes only 15-30 minutes.


For Out-of-Town Clients: We are conveniently located in the Metropolitan Baltimore / Washington D.C. Corridor and Surrounding Counties of Maryland. Multiple restaurants, hotels, movie complex, gas stations, and shopping mall are quickly nearby. We are easily accessible from: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington DC Region.

    Travel time usually takes only 45-60 minutes.



Easy  Payment...

Visa, Mastercard, Check, and Cash are accepted. Discounts offered for multiple sessions.

A 24-hour cancellation of appointment is required.

To  Begin:   Set  Your  First  Appointment...   “Time  for  Change!”

Whether you want hypnosis to handle stress, quit smoking, lose weight, build confidence, or any other goal to change and improve your life, your first step is booking a hypnosis strategy session, where you will be given “BioPsychoSocial Stress Profile” to analyze your coping triggers, strengths and situation. Next, we will recommend the best strategy and number of sessions needed for your personal success formula to reach your goals in the next 30 days, or as quickly as possible, with a customized hypnosis program developed exclusively for you. ALL your questions will be answered in this session. YES, you can start your hypnosis program the same day of your first appointment.

“Awaken  the  Amazing  in  You!”


Beginning  Your  First  Step  toward  Happiness  and  Success...

Because our hypnosis programs are customized for each client, we absolutely cannot estimate fees over the phone or by email. First Step: you must attend this initial session. It’s the first time we are meeting – we want to make sure that we are the right fit for you. There's no risk, no obligation. If you're really serious about solving your problem, or achieving your goal, you will take advantage of this opportunity to find the best solution and best Hypnotist that is right for you, and...

“Start  Your  Own  Success  Program  Now!”

Like YOU: Many other people, too, are going through life changes, choices, confusion, and challenges

in reaching their dreams, who are often looking for something magical... or someone with powerful,

mystical answers from other sources... like the Wizard from the Land of Oz.


     Just like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man...


     You, too, will discover that the help and answers you seek are HERE


     Waiting for you in the subconscious part of your own mind...   


Like THE TIN MAN: People seek a bigger heart, to heal a relationship, and create a more joyful love life -or- freedom from childhood wounds of emotional and physical pain into health and well-being...


Like THE LION: People seek greater courage to let go of anxiety and fear -or- confidence to try something new -or- change unwanted habits into successful lifestyle, and negative behaviors into positive, confident, empowered beliefs...


Like THE SCARECROW: People want to shift from self-doubt to self-satisfaction with improved life skills, knowledge, and memory – a sharper brain with the clarity to make the right decisions...


Like DOROTHY: People want greater understanding to follow their life purpose, reach their dreams, start a new career -or- find their way back home with self-assurance, appreciation, motivation, and self-transformation.  


ALL YOU SEEK:  It is already within you because your mind is creative, resourceful, and whole.

At Mentor Hypnosis, powerful mindful awareness techniques are used to assist you in creating

a lifestyle of wellness, happiness and success...


HYPNOSIS isn’t mystical or magic... But something wonderful and magical can happen...

Hypnosis helps you unleash the awesome power of your own mind to realize your dreams!

Change Your Mind...   Change Your Life...   Change Your World...  

“It’s always best to start at the beginning.


And all you do is follow the yellow brick road...”  

Creating  Experiential  Strategies  for  Success  with  Hypnosis...















Free  Bonus  CD...   “Great Self-Empowerment Gift!”

You will really enjoy this special bonus that I developed exclusively for you. It is packed full of extra tips, exercises, affirmations, and self-help tools to activate your personal strengths, and reveal proven secrets to success that will give you laser beam focus and skills to reach your goals, and reinforce your hypnosis program.  


Free  Hypnosis  Screening...  

We also offer a free 15-minute phone session and screening. It's fun and informative.

Please take my free offer “Can YOU be Hypnotized to reach your goals and dreams?” assessment tool with my “Hypnotic Personality Profile.”  

You receive an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluation of your situation. We will tell you whether or not we feel hypnosis is right for you. Discover how you are a natural or ideal candidate for hypnosis to reach your goals in the next 30 days.

Stay-with-You Guarantee...  “Desire – Guidance – Support!”

Regardless of how many hypnosis sessions needed to attain your desired results and goals, we stay with you until you are successful. We offer a written service guarantee.

Powerful Ways  

You  Can  Succeed  

with  Hypnosis !



“... Hypnosis  Works!”

Relax Your Body – Focus Your Mind – Harmonize Your Life...  

This is How... Goals are achieved, dreams are realized, and peaceful feelings do exist. Connect with your inner motivation and wisdom, where dreams come true as you envision future possibilities of becoming the kind of person you want to become, and living the lifestyle you want to live. Experience greater understanding where natural healing can happen. Discover what you are capable of becoming as you activate secret powers within your own mind to conquer those challenges when nothing else worked, and unleash your greatness to accomplish the goals and dreams of a lifetime.                           Calming,  Inspirational,  Beneficial!”


The  Power  of  One-to-One  Focus  in  Hypnosis...


Dr.  Patricia  M.  Armour – Your Nationally  Certified  Hypnotherapy  Coach

Become  the  Next  One  to  Succeed!

This is just a preview of the MANY GOALS that



Simply close your eyes... Breathe deeply... And

Journey into Thoughts of Empowerment, Enlightenment, and Enjoyment.


Take  that  first  Step  and  CALL  TODAY:   410 - 356 - 3377


“Start  Your  Own  Success  Program  Now!”

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